Dining with the Stars – Private Dark Sky Experience

Good Heavens Dark Sky Tours Great Barrier Island

Tour Overview

Are you looking for a fun night time activity for your team? Something that’s suitable for everyone? The Good Heavens team on Great Barrier Island is happy to help with a stargazing and dining experience!

Wait for us to bring you the evening’s entertainment and dinner at your accommodation or at a dark location in the neighbourhood.

One of our guides will knock on your door just after dark and will pop a delicious smelling dinner and a crisp salad on the table. While you are having dinner, we’ll set up the telescope and our comfy chairs, so that once your taste buds are satisfied, you can lean back under the dark sky and have the stars as a visual dessert. Deep sky objects and any visible planets are the cherries on the cake, which you will consume through our 8″ telescope.

Expect us, with a telescope, binoculars and comfy chairs or bean bags at your accommodation on Great Barrier Island. Give the chefs in your group a night off and enjoy the stars with us.

We will tell you starry myths and true stories about constellations, super stars, star clusters and other celestial objects, that shine their light on us at night. We are looking forward to enlightening you on the wonders of our beautiful dark sky.

This Dark Sky Experience and dinner combined take approx. 3 hrs.

There is a choice of delicious smoked fish pie or scrumptious lasagna. Both are served with a fresh Barrier garden salad.


$740 for one to four people

Additional guests $155

Additional guests under 13 years old $85